We are so much more than just great coffee.


As a kid I can remember throwing the football up in the air dreaming of the day that I would make the winning catch in the NFL, I would constantly see myself running out of the tunnel.  I could see the crowd going wild, signs with my name in the stands and celebrating with my teammates.  These visions kind of came true as I aged and worked as hard as I could to realize them. (Due to my size and not so blazing speed I was able to block for the ones making all the great plays, but who dreams of that as a kid!)  As this dream led to an 11 year career in the NFL (3 of which were here in San Diego) and birthed another vision of one day owning a business that would not only have an opportunity to serve the great people of my community, but to provide excellence again through hard work.  This is where the King’s Craft Coffee Company comes in.  For the past 7 years I spent in the corporate world, although I learned many valuable lessons I know that it just was not a great fit for where my heart wanted to be.



Our family has been engrained in the Poway community since 2006.  Over the last ten years our kids have participated as active members of the community in sports, academics, and other outreaches.  My wife Monica and I have made amazing relationships in the community.Whether it is volunteering at Tierra Bonita Elementary, Creekside Elementary, Twin Peaks Middle School or Poway High we always appreciate the high standard of family values that set our city apart from others. I have had the opportunity to coach most of my kid’s sports including rec soccer, softball, Poway pop warner football, and now NFL flag football. I get a great sense of pride being able to represent my city and teach the benefits of an active lifestyle.



We have a strong pull on our hearts for social responsibility and want to give back to the community we feel so blessed to be a part of. The Kings Craft Coffee Company (TKC) will allow us to meet this goal. TKC will be donating a portion of our sales of select items to non-profit organizations. On a county level we recently have had the privilege to partner with Rady’s Children’s Hospital. I began my relationship with them over ten years ago while playing for the Chargers; during that time I was able to see how my efforts positively impacted the lives of the patients. Rady’s, along with various local youth programs such as Poway Pop Warner, Poway Vaqueros, and Poway High School will be our initial focus. Over time we will expand our areas of support as needs arise.




All our coffees are carefully selected based on consideration of geographic regions, farming practices, growth elevations, processing methods and taste profiles.  Our beans come from “small holder farms” that are organically grown and certified by high level Q graders from our outsourced company



Our roasting process is a symphony in itself. Watching, waiting, listening and smelling; all the while taking precise notes, calculating times, temperatures and airflow to ensure that each are perfected to the very note so we can deliver not just a great taste but an amazing coffee experience.



We do only one blended coffee, all other coffee is of the single origin type, which is amazing for espresso and for any other style of cup you want to drink.  We roast each coffee bean separately to a level of excellence that they can be enjoyed as single origin.  They are then blended at precise ratios to create smooth and rich balanced flavors of all three beans!



There is no other way of describing it other than “we just deal with single origin coffees”, mostly from small farms, but all specific to the origin.



Proudly roasting out of Poway, CA.



This comes in a lot of areas, but starts with the quality of bean we get every time. We roast the exact same way every time, our preparation is done the same way every time.  This is done with excellence fit for The King!  Everything we do is done with purpose, consistency, and precision.


  • $17.00

    Mexico Cosautlan

    Grade: SHG EP Process: Fully Washed Varietal: Caturra Altitude 1100 MASL Flavor notes: Sugarcane, Grape, Peach, Rose
  • $19.95

    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

    Process: Fully Washed Varietal: Heirloom Altitude: 1600-1900 MASL Flavor notes: Honey, Maple, Cocoa
  • $17.00

    Nicaragua Maragogype

    Grade: SHB EP Process: Fully Washed Varietal: Maragogype Altitude: 1600-1800 MASL Flavor profile: Honey, Guava, Floral
  • $15.95

    Columbia Hulia

    Grade: Microlot SHB EP Process: Naturally Processed Varietal: Bourbon Altitude: 1800 MASL Flavor profile: Dried Fruit, Cherry, Melon