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    Ethiopia Natural Sidamo

    Region: Sidamo, Arbe Gona, Aroresa

    Producer: Smallholder Farmers 

    Soil: fertile soil of volcanic origin, rich in mineral and nitrogen

    Crop period: November - December

     Variety: Heirloom Ethiopia Cultivar

    Altitude: 1.600m – 1.950 masl

     Processing: natural (unwashed)

    Cup Profile: complex fruitiness reminding of blueberry, strawberry and rum-raisin

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    Finca Victoria El Salvador SHG EP

    Region : La Libertad   

    Growing Altitude:  1200-1350 masl

    Process: Washed

    Notes: Chocolate, caramel, clove, walnut, grapefruit, clean, sweet, bright, well rounded, balanced cup

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    HONDURAS Kingdom growers

    Cupping Notes: sweet citrus fragrance, good acidity with sweet orange flavor, notes of vanilla custard, and a creamy body and finish.


    Producer: Cultivadores de Reino (Kingdom Growers)

    Region: Montecillos

    Variety: Bourbon, typica, caturra

    Processing: Washed

    Altitude: 4,000 – 5,200 ft

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    Peru Spectacled Bear

    Grade: 17/18 Screen Process: Fully Washed Varietal: Maragogype Altitude:   3,900 - 5,900 ft (1200 - 1800m) Flavor profile: Fruit notes, chocolate, caramel; medium body, bright acidity, clean finish, balanced and smooth with a nice aftertaste.
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    Location: Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands Province

    Varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Catimor

    Altitude: 1550 m above sea level

    Soil Type: Volcanic

     Process: Fully washed, sun-dried, hand-sorted